Meet Nancy Rothwell

Straighten Up Organizing owner Nancy Rothwell brings a unique mixture of compassion, creativity, humor, and common-sense to the world of organizing!
Her clients find her trustworthy and nonjudgmental. She focuses on creating useful spaces, while helping her clients learn new organizing skills to maintain their new space(s).

Nancy launched Straighten-Up Organizing in 2003, although she has been helping people get organized her whole life. It all started when a friend needed organizational help; it was then
that she recognized her gift for organizing in addition to helping friends simplify their lives.

Word got out and the rest is history.
Nancy has helped hundreds of individuals and families organize their homes and businesses.
Areas she has helped organize include garages, kitchens, offices, toy rooms, craft rooms, closets, attics, photo albums, vehicles, purses, and paper areas. She also leads seminars
on organizing. Nancy understands the importance of living and working in organized environments that are functional and free from ‘visual clutter’.

A place for everything and everything in its place!